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    Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine is an unprecedented glimpse into the creative life of one of Americäs most groundbreaking, influential, and enduring artists. Several years ago, a treasure trove containing some 6,000 original Bob Dylan manuscripts was revealed to exist. Their destination? Tulsa, Oklahoma. The documents, as essential as they are intriguing¿draft lyrics, notebooks, and diverse ephemera ¿ comprise one of the most important cultural archives in the modern world. Along with countless still and moving images and thousands of hours of riveting studio and live recordings, this priceless collection now resides at The Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just steps away from the archival home of Dylan¿s early hero, Woody Guthrie. Nearly all the materials preserved at The Bob Dylan Center are unique, previously unavailable, and, in many cases, even previously unknown. As the official publication of The Bob Dylan Center, Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine is the first wide-angle look at the Dylan archive, a book that promises to be of vast interest to both the Nobel Laureate¿s many musical fans and to a broader national and international audience as well. Edited by Mark Davidson and Parker Fishel, Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine focuses a close look at the full scope of Dylan¿s working life, particularly from the dynamic perspective of his ongoing and shifting creative processes¿his earliest home recordings in the mid-1950s right up through Rough and Rowdy Ways (2020), his most recent studio recording, and into the present day. The centerpiece of Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine is a carefully curated selection of over 600 images including never-before-circulated draft lyrics, writings, photographs, drawings and other ephemera from the Dylan archive. With an introductory essay by Sean Wilentz and epilogue by Douglas Brinkley, the book features a surprising range of distinguished writers, artists, and musicians, including Joy Harjo, Greil Marcus, Michael Ondaatje, Gregory Pardlo, Amanda Petrusich, Tom Piazza, Lee Ranaldo, Alex Ross, Ed Ruscha, Lucy Sante, Greg Tate and many others. After experiencing the collection firsthand in Tulsa, each of the authors was asked to select a single item that beguiled or inspired them. The resulting essays, written specifically for this volume, shed new light on not only Dylan¿s creative process, but also their own.


    Sales PointsThe first comprehensive book dedicated to a visionary black-and-white photographerAn exquisite publication that brings new attention to a key figure in Norwegian art A must-have for lovers of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Edward Weston, and Minor WhiteAdditional Comp TitlesAmerican Winter, by Gerry Johansson. 978912339020, £180.00 GBP (MACK, 2018)


    Textilepedia, a book that was published by Fashionary International Limited on the 17th of December, 2020, is an intriguing read that everyone should get their hands on. It's a book that delves into the world of textiles, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The author, whose name remains anonymous, has done an excellent job in compiling and presenting the information in a way that is both engaging and informative. The book falls under the genre of educational literature, making it a must-read for anyone interested in fashion, textiles, or simply looking to expand their knowledge. Fashionary International Limited, known for their quality publications, has once again delivered a masterpiece that is 'Textilepedia'. The book is written in English, catering to a wide range of readers globally. Don't miss out on this enlightening read!

  • - Every Room Should Sing
    av Beata Heuman

    The highly anticipated debut monograph from one of today s leading designers championing playful, original interiors infused with Scandinavian flair.


    Den eneste samlede gjennomgang av gresk og romersk arkitektur som er overlevert fra antikken. Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, vanligvis kalt Vitruv, var en romersk arkitekt og ingeniør som virket i det første århundret f.Kr. Han er særlig er kjent for sine ti bøker Om arkitektur, som her foreligger på norsk for første gang. Vitruv mente at en arkitekt måtte ha kjennskap til en rekke vitenskaper som var relevante for yrket. Han skriver også om så forskjellige ting som helningsgraden i akveduktene, hvordan skape god akustikk i et teater og å kontrollere effekten av kastevåpen, og beskriver en rekke oppfinnelser i antikkens verden. Han viser solas og stjernenes ferd rundt jorda, slik man så det den gangen. Vitruv krevde at alle hus skulle være vakre, sunne, varige og nyttige. De må lages etter naturens guddommelige proporsjoner, slik de er i menneskekroppen. Vitruvs verk ble viktig for renessansens kunstnere i Italia og inspirerte Leonardo da Vinci til å lage det kjente bildet av «Den vitruviske mannen». Om arkitektur er en grunnbok i arkitekturfaget og mye av stoffet er spesifikt faglig. Men verket er også krydret med anekdoter, og det kulturhistoriske innholdet bør fange den vanlige lesers oppmerksomhet.

  • av Stian Grøgaard

  • av Bts

    Beyond the Story, a captivating novel written by the acclaimed author Bts, is a must-read for every book lover. Published by Pan Macmillan in 2023, this book takes the reader on an unforgettable journey. The genre of the book is not easily defined, as it transcends the conventional boundaries of storytelling, blending elements of mystery, adventure, and deep introspection. It is a testament to Bts's unique storytelling ability that he is able to weave such a complex narrative with ease and elegance. Beyond the Story is more than just a book; it's an exploration of the human condition, a testament to the power of the written word, and a tribute to the enduring spirit of literature. Don't miss out on this literary masterpiece from one of the most innovative authors of our time.

  • av Ellen Lupton


    Marking the 125th anniversary of William Morris's death, this is the most wide-ranging, comprehensive - and beautiful - illustrated study of William Morris ever published.

  • av Andrea Richards

    Looking to the sky, the second volume in TASCHEN's Library of Esoterica series delves into the vibrant visual history of Western astrology. From its birth as astronomy's sister science, to our current Age of Aquarius, the story of this ancient practice is told through more than 400 images-from Egyptian temples to contemporary art-sequenced to...

  • av Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS)

    This encyclopedia explores the hidden meanings of visual symbols across time and geography, from the sun to whales and the human hand. Spanning different eras and cultures, over 800 beautiful images combine with expert illuminations of symbol history, meanings, and psychic associations, offering readers a precious and fascinating resource for...

  • av Johannes Fiebig

    Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN's Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in...

  • av Dog Studios Naughty

    Naughty Dog Studios and Dark Horse proudly present the essential companion to The Last of Us, a richly detailed and compelling game set in a postpandemic world where humans have become an endangered species. Featuring concept art, character designs, and astonishing settings and landscapes, The Art of The Last of Us provides a unique look at one of the gaming world's most eagerly anticipated titles. * A must-have companion to the game. * Incredible full-color artwork! * The latest project from Naughty Dog Studios. * The Last of Us swept the top Game Critics awards at 2012's E3 conference.

  • av Francis D. K. Ching & Corky Binggeli

    "This book introduces complex concepts of interior design -- from defining interior space, elements and vocabulary of interior design to explaining interior environmental systems -- through his inimitable approach using words and drawings"--

  • av Norm Architects

    Die Räume von Norm Architects aus Dänemark fühlen sich so gut an, wie sie aussehen. Von den Machern von The Touch.Norm Architects aus Dänemark lassen sich vom menschlichen Wohlbefinden leiten. Ihr Stil ist ausgeglichen: schlicht und doch warm, komplex und dennoch geordnet, reichhaltig und trotzdem zurückhaltend. Jedes Element ist durchdacht. Mit ihrem einzigartigen sanften Minimalismus schaffen Norm Architects Räume, Interior und Möbel für Körper und Geist. Soft Minimal ist Norm Architects' erstes Buch. Es stellt die Arbeiten vor, die sie zu Schlüsselfiguren des Nordischen Designs gemacht haben. Anhand von Wohn- und Gewerbebauten in Skandinavien, Italien und Japan legen Norm Architects ihren Ansatz offen, der nordische Tradition, Prinzipien der Moderne und natürliche Baustoffe vereint. Ihr Buch ist gleichermaßen informativ wie poetisch - in einer visuellen Sprache, die alle Sinne anspricht.

  • av Wanda Grimsgaard
    592 - 1 771,-

  • av Magdalena Droste
    194 - 639,-

  • av Steen Eiler Rasmussen

    A classic examination of superb design through the centuries.Widely regarded as a classic in the field, Experiencing Architecture explores the history and promise of good design. Generously illustrated with historical examples of designing excellence—ranging from teacups, riding boots, and golf balls to the villas of Palladio and the fish-feeding pavilion of Beijing's Winter Palace—Rasmussen's accessible guide invites us to appreciate architecture not only as a profession, but as an art that shapes everyday experience.In the past, Rasmussen argues, architecture was not just an individual pursuit, but a community undertaking. Dwellings were built with a natural feeling for place, materials and use, resulting in "a remarkably suitable comeliness.” While we cannot return to a former age, Rasmussen notes, we can still design spaces that are beautiful and useful by seeking to understand architecture as an art form that must be experienced. An understanding of good design comes not only from one's professional experience of architecture as an abstract, individual pursuit, but also from one's shared, everyday experience of architecture in real time—its particular use of light, color, shape, scale, texture, rhythm and sound. Experiencing Architecture reminds us of what good architectural design has accomplished over time, what it can accomplish still, and why it is worth pursuing. Wide-ranging and approachable, it is for anyone who has ever wondered "what instrument the architect plays on.”

  • av Katy Hessel

    The Story of Art without Men, penned by the talented Katy Hessel, is a captivating exploration into the world of art from a unique perspective. Published in 2022 by Cornerstone, this book delves into the often overlooked contributions of women in the art world. As a renowned author, Hessel masterfully brings to life the stories of these exceptional artists, their struggles, and their profound impact on the art world. This book is a must-read for art enthusiasts and those interested in women's history. Written in English, it's a testament to Hessel's skill as a writer and her deep understanding of her subject. The Story of Art without Men is not just a book, but an invitation to view the world of art through a different lens.

  • - The Slow Home
    av Natalie Walton

    A stunning visual journey through the homes of people from around the world who have taken steps to simplify their lives and embrace the principles of slow living

  • - A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic Designers, Typographers and Three Dimensional Designers
    av Josef Mulller-Brockmann

    Suitable for those who work with automated text and image design, this work shows examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. It gives the user exact directions for using all of the grid systems presented (8 to 32 grid fields).

  • av Stefan Fischer

    An exhaustive exploration of one of art history's most mysterious masters, Hieronymus Bosch. This monograph, based on the XXL edition which saw TASCHEN commission new photography of recently restored works, unravels his oeuvre through accessible texts, a special chapter on The Garden of Earthly Delights, a fold-out of The Last Judgment, and...

  • av Stefan Fischer

    Take home one of the most cult artists in history with this handy edition, presenting all known works of Hieronymus Bosch. Through full spreads and carefully curated details, the book surveys the artist's compositional scope as well as his most compelling, if disturbing, inventions, from horse-skulled harp players to devils on ice skates.

  • - Legends, Resorts, Lifestyle & More
    av Gabriella Le Breton

    The best in skiing around the world: from the Alps to the Andes, from the Rockies to the Whakapapa Skifield.

  • av Jessica Niebel

    Hayao Miyazaki is a captivating book written by Jessica Niebel, released on September 7, 2021. Published by the renowned Distributed Art Publishers, this book dives into the world of its namesake, Hayao Miyazaki, exploring his unique genius and narrative style. The book is a must-read for fans of the genre, offering a deep insight into the life and work of one of the most influential figures in the animation industry. Don't miss out on this literary masterpiece, brought to you by Distributed Art Publishers.

  • av Winifred (The Nottingham Trent University) Aldrich

    Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear is a groundbreaking book by the esteemed author Winifred Aldrich, who is renowned for her work at The Nottingham Trent University. First published in 2015 by John Wiley & Sons Inc, this book has become an indispensable guide in the genre of Fashion and Design. Aldrich's expertise shines through each page, providing detailed instructions and insights into women's wear pattern cutting. Readers will find the author's innovative approach to the metric pattern cutting for women's wear truly enlightening. This book is not just an ordinary guide; it's a comprehensive tool for anyone who wants to delve into the world of fashion design. Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc, it's a testament to their reputation for releasing quality educational resources. This book is written in English.

  • av Alan Lee

    A sumptuous large-format hardback containing sketches and paintings from the illustrated Lord of the Rings, together with brand new and previously unseen material.

  • - The ultimate guide to drawing anatomy in perspective and pose
    av Tom Fox

    An extensive resource of 304 pages packed with more than 2,000 specially commissioned illustrations. Generous page size accommodates user-friendly content presented at optimum scale Planned with and written by drawing instructor and figure drawing expert Tom Fox to work for artists of all skill levels in all mediums. Balances the perfect amount of background knowledge and key elements of drawing required, with the how-to, skill building anatomy details artists want to master. Structured with the artist in mind as an easy-to-navigate guide that can be consulted quickly and easily. The comprehensive nature of the content, both in its technical advice and anatomical information, makes this book an investment to be turned to repeatedly

  • - Light, shape, color, perspective, depth, composition & anatomy

    A fully revised and updated edition of this back-to-basics title, packed with the fundamental concepts, conventions and theory needed when creating art.

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